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Àrea de coneixement: Agronomia

Adreça: ETSEA, : Edifici Principal A, despatx 2.03.1

Telèfon: +34 973 706494


Formació Acadèmica

· Postdoctoral fellow at Crop Ecophysiology. University of Lleida (2017- to present)

· Ph.D. in Agro-Food Systems (Weed Science). University of Lleida (2008-2013)

· Agricultural technical engineer (2013)

· Agronomist. Faculty of Agricultural Sciences, Northeastern National University (U.N.N.E.). Argentina (2007)


Experiència Professional

· Research assistant at Crop Ecophysiology. University of Lleida (2014-2016)

· Undergraduate teaching Assistant. Morphology of vascular plants (2004-2005)


· Modifying canopy architecture and photosynthesis to maximize barley biomass and yield for different end- uses.

· Nitrogen use efficiency in modern cultivars of wheat.

Publicacions Recents

Recasens J, García AL, Cantero-Martínez C, Torra J, Royo-Esnal A. Long-term effect of different tillage systems on the emergence and demography of Bromus diandrus in rainfed cereal fields. Weed Research 2016; 56, 31–40.

Aritz Royo-Esnal, Addy L. García, Joel Torra, Frank Forcella, Jordi Recasens. Describing Polygonum aviculare emergence in different tillage systems. Weed Research 04/2015; 55(4).

Addy L. García, Aritz Royo-Esnal, Joel Torra, Jordi Recasens. Integrated effect of crop sowing date and herbicide stress on fitness of Bromus diandrus Roth. Spanish Journal of Agricultural Research 03/2015; 13(1).

Addy L. García, A Royo-Esnal, J Torra, C Cantero-Martinez, J Recasens. Integrated management of Bromus diandrus in dryland cereal fields under no-till. Weed Research 04/2014; 54(4).

Addy L. García, Jordi Recasens, Frank Forcella, Joel Torra, Aritz Royo-Esnal. Hydrothermal Emergence Model for Ripgut Brome (Bromus diandrus). Weed Science 01/2013; 61(1):146-153.

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