Curs 2016-2017

Coordinador: Dr. Vicente Medina
1) The role of ectomycorrhizal symbiosis in afforestation of larch species under a changing environment
TAKAYOSHI KOIKE (Hokkaido University) (5 setembre 2016)
2) Dendroecology of conifers growing on permafrost
ALEXANDER KIRDYANOV (Sukachev Inst. of Forestry. Siberian Branch, Russian Academy of Sciences)(6 d’octubre 2016)
3) The incidence of fungi and mycotoxins in carotenoid-enriched transgenic maize and its isoline
JOANA DÍAZ GÓMEZ  (10 de novembre 2016)
4) Simulation Modeling to Interpret the Captures of Moths in Pheromone-Baited Traps Used for Surveillance of Invasive Species: the Gypsy Moth as a Model Case
JOSEP BAU MACIÀ (UVic - Universitat Central de Catalunya) (17 de novembre 2016)
5) Floret development in wheat as affected by genetic variability in modern cultivars and Ppd and Eps genes in NILs: Impact on the number of fertile florets
 PAULA PRIETO  (24 de novembre 2016)
6) Relevance of WUE in improving growth rates in rice (OryzasativaL.) lines with comparable root and leaf area
PRIYANKA BASAVARADDI (12 de gener 2017)
7) Physiological drivers of twentieth-century forest growth in Europe.
TATIANA SHESTAKOVA (26 de gener 2017)
8) Genome editing in rice using engineered nucleases
CAN BAYSAL (2 de febrer 2017)
9) Climate change will modify the annual cycle of ectomycorrhizal belowground biomass in Mediterranean forests
CARLES CASTAÑO (9 de març 2017)
10) Agriculture and Climate Change in Western Australia
IMMA FARRE  (Department of Agriculture and Food, Western Australia) (23 de març 2017)

11) Global forest biodiversity
JINGJING LIANG (West Virginia University) (data: 20 d’abril 2017)

12) Agrònoms Globals: una nova professió?
JOSEP MANET (27 d’abril 2017)

13) Wheat development and organs formed on early phases as affected by earliness per se alleles, photoperiod alleles and genetic variation in elite cultivars
HELGA OCHAGAVÍA (25 de maig 2017)
14) Do Mediterranean environments set up an upper limit in wheat physiological nitrogen use efficiency?
GUSTAVO A. SLAFER (15 de Juny 2017)
15) Tree disease in a changing world
JONAS OLIVA (9 de Novembre 2017)
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